Analysis of statistical data

Crimes with identified element of domestic violence in an intimate partner relationship


We have analysed statistical data relating to cases dealt with by the criminal courts with an identified element of domestic violence within the period 2008 – 2019. We have focused on cases of domestic violence in a intimate partner relationship (the monitored feature was the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator), of which there were 4,694 (out of a total of 6,552 cases with a domestic violence element) in the monitored period. The data were provided by the Ministry of Justice as part of the cooperation on the project. We presented the basic data analysis through summary posters at the International Symposium on Victimology in San Sebastian, at the Criminology Days in Ostrava and at the Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology in Malaga.

In the poster, we focus on a comparison of basic socio-demographic identifiers for 2008 and 2019. We also look at offenders’ reported rates of alcohol and other substance use, number of previous convictions, and types of sentences imposed for domestic violence-related crimes in intimate partner relationship. The types of sentences are then compared only for some of the offences with a domestic violence element in intimate partner relationship, either separately or as part of a combination of selected offences.

The poster can be viewed HERE.